New Energy Call to Action


Call to Action

Prepared through: Renée Coltson, Founder

Partnership In Planetary Healing®

We are all aware there are many changes that have been and continue to occur in our lives, communities, the world and the planet itself. Increased levels of intensity seem to be developing relative to conditions we are experiencing through weather changes, issues with governments, financial institutions and, in many cases, our inability to look at the bigger picture. There are implications of far-reaching disturbances and shifts on all levels. The time is now!

As stated in the “Keyes of Enoch”, Key 317.87 “Malillumination fields or polluted light fields, which are different from the natural spectrum, will pass away with the coming of a new photo-biological system causing chemical and biological effects on plant, animal and human life in a new light environment”. There is hope and a multiplicity of possibilities for a favorable outcome. The shift, in a way, will occur according to the level of balance or imbalance that exists on this planet. We all have a role to play in the outcome.

We are in partnership with Mother Earth and all that live within and upon her. This biosphere is a co-evolutionary habitat, a trapped consciousness environment where we had reached a plateau; a state we are here to transcend for continued evolvement. All life, each species individually and collectively play a part in this evolutionary process. Ultimately, the outcome is dependent on the choices we human beings make on this plane of existence. Balance is progress, it is a process; it is inevitable; and will come one way or the other. The result will be harmony.

Those of us who embody the seeds of Truth know that in order to support peace, balance, healing and harmony for ourselves, our communities, the World, and the Earth including all life within and upon her, a shift must occur. A sense of urgency and purpose is at hand. When we are engaging in the healing equation, we are the facilitators not the “doers” or the “deciders”.

Opportunities come our way each and every day to make a positive impact in the world whether through our healing practice or simply by being present. In our everyday activities, it is as easy as putting our attention on the frequencies. The frequencies expand within and through the field reaching out to others who may not otherwise come in contact with the evolved life force. Do not judge or measure any situation or condition. Issue out the loving presence within your heart without conditions (unconditional love).

Our actions (and our non-actions) matter. Become aware of the magnificence around you. Waves of love emanate through you. Once love is expressed into this reality, it is imprinted into the field; and, like energy, cannot be destroyed. Critical mass is poised upon the threshold of the breakthrough for which humanity has long been preparing. The Universe supports and empowers our action with what is appropriate to unfold for the highest good of all. The future unfoldment of evolution of the planet and all of its inhabitants hinges on the shift in consciousness that ends the cycle of fear in order to complete the entrance of the new operating system (galactic alignment 12/21/2012) of Earth, which is influenced and runs on compassion.

The motivating factor is BE PRESENT, put your attention on and become aware of the frequencies. ALLOW without filtering or directing. Know you are in service in some way without the need to know what it is. The impact can occur exponentially when we recognize and implement the consciousness of being in “partnership” with the Earth and all of her inhabitants. *

You Are Essential!!!” (100th Monkey page 144)