LEVEL 2: Guidelines for Interacting with Animals in Your Healing Practice – Engaging Professionally…or with an animal you do not know

Animals are sentient, clever and complex beings.  They have awareness of the world around them, they are aware of what happens to them.  Very importantly what happens to them matters, whether to their body, their freedom or their life.   There are over 100 billion domesticated animals here on Earth.   They are dependent on humans to make the right decisions on their behalf.  Protecting them, as well as animals in the natural world,  is our responsibility.  Having dominion does not mean power over or control.  It means we are the guardians.  

Whatever your level of expertise, your connection and/or understanding, concepts and perception of animals is at this time, you will depart this experiential workshop with a clearer and much bigger picture on why it is so important that we include animals in the equation of healing and evolution.    YES!  It will dramatically benefit each animal with which you interact for the purpose of facilitating a healing; but it goes much further and much deeper than that. 

*This  is an extension of the Compassionate & Cooperative-Care Pathway for Animal Healing, Health & Well-Being

Guidelines to Interacting With Animals and Their Caretakers In Your Healing Practice –

Workshop Overview

Animals bring a different dynamic into a healing session than a human being.  Renee will share all-encompassing, effective, and beneficial criteria, plus protocols for many species and different circumstances.

  • You will learn how to best communicate with the caretakers/guardians/trainers from the initial contact through completion of the session whether in person or from a distance.
  • When working within the animal’s environment or habitat, you will learn the essentials of what you must ask the caretaker or manager of a third party environment before going on the appointment to facilitate a healing session.
  • A clear and concise understanding will be delivered on how to integrate into that environment or habitat along with the boundaries you must become aware of.
  • Important guidance will be shared regarding protocols for approaching and the bonding with an animal to set the tone for an interaction of grace and ease.
  • There will be demonstrations as well as opportunities for you to experience first-hand the dynamics of these teaching points.
  • We will have different species to interact with for a full experience to prepare you for a successful future in your healing practice with animals.
  • Attendance is kept to a minimum to insure you will have a quality experience.  This also honors the animals who most often have heightened awareness and sensitivity when a group of humans are in the space.
  • Guidelines offered and experienced in this course will  prepare you for the professional track with animals.

 *If you do not anticipate engaging in professional services to facilitate healing sessions with animals, it is not necessary that you move into this segment offering training and guidelines for the professional track with animals.  However, if you are a dog trainer, horse trainer, pet sitter, animal communicator, or have a healing practice with people and would like to include animals…this is definitely an experience you will find invaluable.