• Horse named Yogi (Diagnosis melanoma) –  “All healings are miraculous but this one is the clearest and easiest to see.  All gray horses are prone to Melanoma.   Most are benign and can be left untreated but this Melenoma popped up right under where my saddle goes.  Surgery is not only expensive with a lot of down time, but it can also cause the Melanoma to “get angry” and spread even worse.  I had no choice bu to call Renee for this one.  After one session in person and a couple distance healings, I cannot find where it was.
  • Helicopter pilot for the military, Brent, had been experiencing vertigo.  This could be a real problem for a helicopter pilot to continue flying for the military.   Desperate …came in for 3 session.  Completely healed of that dis-ease.
  • Grace, horse.  “When ever something happens to my horses that I know might be a very costly diagnosis by a vet or even worse… an undiagonosed costly vet visit I turn to Renee.  This one stumped the whole barn.  G Man (Grace) had bizarre sweat patterns only late at night.  We ruled out external causes and to this day have no idea what caused them but after the 3rd night of this strange phenomena I called Renee.  She facilitated one healing session from a distance, they never reappeared — not even a spot.
  • Allison, stepped on by horse:  I have been thinking of you and wanted to fill you in on something, Renee.I broke my foot in August. When I had it xrayed the new break was obvious; but then she was looking at the x-ray and said it looked like I broke my foot on the outside at one point and it had healed up. I told her I didn’t know anything about that, I had only broken toes. She said she could clearly see where the bone had remodeled and it had definitely been a significant break. Well, I started thinking about it later, and I remembered!! Do you remember when I got my foot trampled on by my horse when I was turning him out at the ranch? It got all huge and swollen; and it was super painful. It was super painful while you worked on it. But when you were done, it was fine and I could walk again. WELL, now I know it was definitely broken and it totally healed up in like 30 minutes. You are amazing, and such an incredible gift to all of us on this planet. Thank you for being God’s hands to so many creatures. And thank you especially for the enormous impact that you have had on my life and my view of the universe. 



  • more to report.  Stay tuned.