Animal Healing, Health & Well-Being Workshop Overview

Compassiionate & Cooperative-Care Pathway for

Animal Healing, Health, & Well-Being

If you have come to this page, it is likely because you have a deep love for animals, and recognize they play an important role in your life.   Animals are sacred, sentient, clever and complex beings.   Making the right decisions on their behalf as well as protecting them is our responsibility.   You will come to realize that caring for them takes care of you too.   The goal of these workshops goes beyond imparting you with the know-how of being a catalyst for the healing of an animal.   The experience  is one that shifts consciousness, imparting an expanded  point of view of animal care and compassionate custodianship. 

The planet is shifting and evolving.  Profound changes have already come about.   Universal Life Force itself is in a state of expansion, evolution and progression into a higher vibration.   Advanced seeds of consciousness have been circulating in the unified field of awareness and are now bubbling up through Earth’s biology.  We have the inborn (or innate), yet often latent, ability to access elevated potentials  for healing on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and beyond.

Animals in Your Household and Other Animal Encounters – Workshop Overview

    • The first layer of training will introduce and educate you to consciously, efficiently and effectively interact with the whole light healing spectrum.  No matter your level of experience, this activity will activate and instill within you a deeper energetic connection to the evolved Universal Life Force energies; thereby, initiating or elevating your healing abilities exponentially to a “whole” new level.
    • Imparts a safe and loving method to allow your pet* to stay in balance; effectively cutting health-care costs.  you will find this to be an invaluable method to engage during an emergency situation.   Renee has many testimonials and experiences to share with you.
  • Animals can experience deep emotions, mental anguish and overactive physical stimuli. You will learn protocols to get your pet (or an animal you encounter) into a state for you to administer the healing session as well as what to do when things are chaotic.
  • Topics include this is also a way to accelerate the healing process in situations that may cause your pet to be under the care of a veterinarian.  Most often a better outcome is the result of the cooperative-care pathway blending medical and energetic components.
  • Behavior issues can also shift into a balanced state bringing about a happier life,  even to a wounded spirit.
  • Euthanasia, long-term medical care, a life-time of dependency on pharmaceuticals or the effects of taking them may not have to be the final word.
  • In the event you find yourself in a situation that requires animal rescue, or if it is your mission, you will be enabled to reduce trauma in those situations, move the animal into a calmer state for rescue and/or a healing session.  Interacting with these whole light energies will assist the rescued animal in maintaining overall good mental, emotional and physical well-being from transport to being placed in the forever home.
  • You will learn options on how to engage for healing from a distance;  this part of the course will also be interactive during the workshop for another human or an animal.
  • What to expect throughout the healing  process.  How to remain in a state of allowing and neutral compassion.
  • Through dialog, demonstrations and interaction with animals you will be confident in your connectivity.  You will depart this interactive workshop empowered in your abilities to work with any  species in any situation or under any conditions. 
*My deepest apologies for this term “pet” anywhere it may show in this web content.  Those in my household that are furry, feathered, scaly or otherwise are indeed family members.  For the purpose of the web content, however, it shows up for abbreviated reference.   I personally extend the olive branch to your and your family for  the terminology.