About Renée

Renée Coltson is a spiritual healer, international workshop facilitator, and speaker.  She leads compassionate-driven events for the benefit of humans, animals and the planet.  Renée has been called by many “The Maven of Animal Healing”. Her vital key and heartbeat is to be of service and to educate.

Being born into a conservative Midwestern family with roots in mysticism, Renée developed a practical and pragmatic approach regarding life’s mysteries.  She discovered early in life her natural powerful healing abilities.

In the mid 80’s, Renée began to fully understand her life’s purpose thereby courageously relinquishing her highly successful corporate career to begin a full-time healing practice with people and with animals. She continued educating herself.  Wanting to further her knowledge in the art of healing she was introduced to the Usui System of Reiki in 1989; in 1992, following the required years of study and commitment, Renée became a Master Teacher.  Continuing her study of esoteric sciences she became an Adept in Metaphysics, adding to her already outstanding credentials which included teaching others how to heal people and animals.

In May of 1992 Renée had an extraordinary event in the desert where she was initiated with new cosmic frequencies.  Being aligned with these frequencies not only supercharged but also evolved her abilities and her awareness.

Throughout the decades Renée has experienced many interactive other-worldly encounters which constantly expand her spiritual relationship with nature, humans and the Planet itself.   She teaches through enlightening perspectives, inspiration and a greater understanding of the importance of recognizing the other citizens of Earth as sentient beings. Renée understands that compassionate action is vital to achieving greater global peace and she knows Love is the key.

In 2000  she encountered Dr. Eric Pearl of The Reconnection®.  She rapidly rose through that training to become an Associate Instructor and was on the international teaching team.  She also founded, developed and held the leadership role of the world-wide program for healing with animals tailored specifically for practitioners of Reconnective Healing®.

Renee expanded her services with people and animals globally in February of 2016.  She now offers her wisdom, inspirational teachings and expertise with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Renée founded Partnership in Planetary Healing in 1996.  PIPH is a 501-c-3 humanitarian organization dedicated to easing suffering and raising consciousness.