Healing Session Services


One  to three sessions are recommended.   In this interaction with the freqencies of  healing all systems of the body come to recognize this new light as fuel for healing. Through this process the new light stabilizes within the body; the vibration evolves and density falls away. Ultimately balance is restored for healing to unfold towards wholeness.

The dynamics of the expanded and evolved universal life force she brings through for healing are the same whether your session (or your pet’s) is faciltated remotely from a distance or in person.   For a full overview of her history as a natural healer  as well as the training that has been an influence in her life,  please take a moment to review the “About Renee” page.

If you reside in Arizona, Casa de Caballos Healing Center and Retreat is  a private facility located within a  serene mountain setting in north Phoenix.  Here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself within this frequency-infused environment  away from the noise and conjestion of the city to relax deeply during your healing session.  Speak with Renee if you require overnight accommodations which in some circumstances can be made available in a package for your experinece to heal and to evolve.

Although Renee works with all species; she is best known for her work with people,  horses, dogs, and cats throughout the world.